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JinHe diamond cutting tool (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.






Add:Building 4, Residential Area 2, Yanchuan No.3 Industrial Area, Songgang Subdistrict,Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Corporate Culture


Enterprise tenet: honesty Sincerity

Become a permanent partner for our customers and enhance their productivity and profit ability. With the enthusiasm of our technical expertise and unceasing, the company continued to grow and increase profits.

To attract and retain high-quality personnel, give full play to their intelligence, technical expertise and practical experience.

Corporate culture: unity and loyalty and pragmatic innovation

We know that resources will be depleted, only culture will be endless. Only in outstanding corporate culture, in order to give full play to their talent and technological advantages, in order to continue

Excellent experience and absorb the latest achievements outside world, in order to develop innovative, service market, and strive to become the industry pioneer.

Management idea: simple, efficient and healthy

Simple management methods, seek efficient business operation, to achieve healthy survival purposes.

Core purpose

Putting People First: hard work, innovation and passion

Quality win: dedication to customer service

Competitive survival: active commitment to continue to explore and transcend

Cooperation and development: good communication and cooperation, seek common ground

Accumulate, continuous improvement: good health, happiness and a better life