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Woodworking tool for small and medium-sized enterprises how to develop network marketing


Network marketing for our woodworking tool industry has not a new thing, compared with the traditional marketing, Internet marketing has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, but the network marketing are no substitute for the traditional marketing, only combine the two into a compound marketing, will only make the enterprise benefit.

Establish a new network compound marketing mechanism

Knives woodworking tools, in particular, has many characteristics, such as technical, professional, and quality problem has become an important factor, and restriction of credit environment in our country, so the present stage our country woodworking tools product network marketing, haven't really entered the stage of e-commerce, the network marketing implementation is the most basic function, from the "online customer, find supplier information from the website". Now, it is estimated that the future for a long historical stage.

Actually network business tool, a means of network marketing is marketing, we can neither think "useless", to deny that online shopping can not believe that the "universal", the network marketing as a business "nothing is impossible", with "bubble" misleading enterprise web site, cause the enterprise to the network marketing misunderstandings, which can lead to enterprise for failing to achieve the desired effect and lose confidence in the Internet. And to combine the network marketing and traditional marketing, the traditional marketing information, network, the online talk to clients, offline business ", establish a network marketing compound mechanism, the network marketing to highlight the effect.

Most of woodworking cutting tool industry enterprises in our country has carried out the network marketing work, the vast majority site set up enterprises, some enterprises began a search engine marketing (SEM), bidding ads. But our country's network marketing work, is still in its beginning stage of low-level, not received the actual effect. According to the us for many carpentry cutlery industry enterprise network testing, found that there are quite a enterprise is being launched. Due to disease network operations, the enterprise website can't do SEO (network optimization), not only conducive to search engine retrieval features, make the nature of ranks and let the customer can't find you. And even through the search engine rankings, also can increase web site hits, and not get real customer. This is because the customer can not get the required products and services on the Internet information, the lack of a good enterprise image, or web site access speed is particularly slow, thus losing the trust of the customer, is equal to the money away their clients.

Boost the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Now consume the world's first, our country woodworking tools woodworking tool production within the top five largest in the world. In world woodworking tools industry enterprises, in accordance with the laws of 8/2, 20% of the large enterprises, accounting for 80% of the market share, or 20% of the mainstream products, generates accounted for 80%.

The product of small and medium-sized enterprises are generally gleaning fill a vacancy ", "squeezed". Have the characteristics of many varieties, small batch, specialization, the traditional market environment in our country, because do not have the strength to participate in "red sea" competition in the market mainstream products, it is not easy to the market do big indeed.

At the same time, these small and medium-sized enterprises could not have invested heavily in woodworking tool industry exhibition, spent a lot of money to the media in the promotion, it is impossible to establish a sales network throughout the country, in order to attract customers, so most of them are "shopping basket" s door-to-door, small and medium-sized enterprises bigger market must solve the question of how to reduce the cost of looking for the customer.

The network marketing with traditional marketing incomparable advantages of low cost, high efficiency. The spread of the network information is not restricted by time and space, as long as the customer type keywords using the search engines, can quickly find the products you need, therefore, to develop the network marketing, on the Internet to find customers is the best way to small and medium-sized enterprise marketing.

Especially at present, enterprises are faced with raw materials, labor, and many other marketing costs increased difficulties, use of Internet marketing is to reduce, the effective ways to reduce spending, Internet marketing has more realistic significance.

Customers don't throw away tools

In the process of realistic marketing, most enterprise sales department will focus on the latest customer, to care those temporary can't implement purchasing customers. This shows that you are leaving customers, this will cause great losses.

These are abandoned customers, including the old customers already done, and through trade shows and events, media advertising and marketing activities such as the network marketing has come into contact with customers. Enterprise in a certain cost, and thus established a connection with them. But for various reasons, only a temporary not clinch a deal. As a result, they are all enterprise hard-won potential customers. If only because it is impossible for a temporary deal while ignoring the potential customer, really great pity.

Show woodworking tool industry, for example, general exhibitors have to cost a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, less tens of thousands of yuan, many hundreds of thousands of yuan, hundreds of millions of yuan. But in general, the fair woodworking tools products to clinch a deal the probability of not too high. But influential exhibition will attract many professional audience interested, they will take the product information, but also left a business card and other contact information. These professional audiences, there will be many customers can be converted into reality. Again, for example, has been to clinch a deal the woodworking tool and old customers, in general, for the first time after clinching a deal, need a process will repeat purchasing. But the general supplier, after the routine delivery service, only the sales staff in passively waiting for the customer's response, and almost rarely contact Marketing Department. Customers next time such procurement opportunities tend to others, in general to develop a new customer costs is to develop a six times that of the old customers.

In fact, many companies know more truth, only under the condition of the traditional marketing for the maintenance of high cost and difficult to achieve for the development of potential customers. The so-called traditional marketing, can be understood as "pin", in this way, both enterprise boss or salesman, can't spend so much time and energy to home visits or frequent contact. Objectively said, they could only concentrate on the upcoming sales of new customers, so can only very reluctantly give up what one favours ", one sector.

How to do "fish and bear's paw" have it all, the best of both worlds, e-commerce and network marketing network (pin) can easily do it. Network means operation "customer management system", which changes the traditional way of the high cost of maintaining customers.

It can be used is almost zero cost to realize the new and old customers, potential customers the care and development. Make full use of the information age of the Internet free resources, not only the cost is low, and can efficiently achieved "sorting customer, customer contact, care for customers, customer development" of the four processes.

Within the enterprise must establish a "customer service center", give priority to with "net sales", by training has the quality of the staff, use of network marketing methods, by means of electronic commerce, through SEO, SEM (search engine optimization, marketing), unearthed from the Internet customers; At the same time operating "customer management system", integration of all customer resources. At the same time within the enterprise to establish a "product sales center", give priority to with "pin", in view of the real customers door-to-door visits, technical communication, provide solutions, to complete the business cooperation.

In order to realize enterprise "net sales", "pin", "two legs" compound marketing mechanism, smooth operation, has yet to be how to improve the enterprise's own resources, set up process and standardized operation. In this way, can we truly reflect efficiency and achieve their goals.